While studying chemistry at Edinburgh, Barney Wrobel traded in crucibles for can openers and became a chef due to the alchemic draw of professional kitchens. Years later he moved to London to develop his career working alongside some of the most critically acclaimed chefs in restaurants, events and catering. It is these experiences that drive Barney's ambition to bring exceptional fine dining to a more private and personal environment.

"I am driven by how seasonal flavours work together, often drawing from the powers of fire and fermentation. My aim is to create menus that delight and inspire...high level fun dining, if you will. What underlies everything I do is my respect for my ingredients and their provenance."

Barney's involvement with cookery schools has refined his interest in sharing and learning and has overseen cooking programs at Jamie Oliver's Recipease and with chef Tom Aikens at Soho Farmhouse. Since then, Barney has established his own events business (HIDDN KITCHN) and cookery foodlabs, in and around Oxford, both for adults and children.

Bringing together our expertise in events, private dining and cookery schools means we can adapt to meet specific requirements and always welcome ideas & suggestions. We look forward meeting you...

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