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Based in Oxfordshire, we at Barney Wrobel travel far and wide to provide bespoke dining experiences for any occasion.


Not only do we like to get out and about but we also love meeting fellow food followers. Have a look at our EVENTS page for our upcoming Events.


All things cookery classes, demonstrations and where our products are conjured up. Find to our CLASSES page for more on our Foodlabs.

The Lowdown

“As a self-trained chef I hope my guests will be satisfied, pleasantly surprised and nutritionally boosted. I am driven by a fervent interest in how ingredients are connected and how flavours work together, while keeping seasonality in mind. Drawing from the powers of fermentation and fire, menus are created to be fun and designed to combine the preserved with the unprocessed.

On the whole, I like food that is unpretentious - ie: cooking which pays homage to the ingredients and their surroundings; allowing natural processes to develop and so minimising human intervention”

We would love to help you, so please explore the site and contact us on the email or form below.

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